Rhett Walker

I have owned numerous amps and none have come close to giving me everything my Shaw Amp does. From the stage to the studio, no matter what genre, Shaw Amps will fit you into the perfect amp. Because of the great breakup and tone that I get from just the amp, I spend a lot of my time playing guitar straight to amp, and know that every time I plug back in, it is going to deliver that same great quality

Rhett Walker

Jason Nix

Jasmine Sagginario (Radio Disney, Disney’s Next Big Thing), Tyler Dean (Curb Records), clients of Kim Wood Sandusky, Parish County, and previously the LoneStarlets (IMI Records).

As I started looking for a new amp and playing everything I could get my hands on, I discovered that I loved some traits of the Dr. Z and the the Vox the most. I wanted a combination of the two… I feel like that I got that in some ways when I played the Shaw for the first time… except that it was much better. I had to get one.

“For the gigs that I play, I need an amp that is going to be able to bounce between country, pop/rock, and even some jazz/pop stuff. There are few amps that can do what Kevin’s amps do. I now have two of Shaw’s amps in my arsenal, and they are consistently the amps that I find myself going back to–whether on stage or in the studio. These amps always give me the tone that I need… and don’t get me started on durability. I rode one on the side of a trailer from Nashville to Chattanooga once. It never missed a beat.”

Carl Groves

Salem Hill, Rockie Lynne, Justin McBride, Edsel West

I do a lot of different types of music. I use a lot of different guitars. However, I rarely use anything other than my Shaw amp. Unlike other amps I’ve played, my Shaw responds to the subtleties of my playing. Likewise, the controls on my Shaw amp are hyper responsive. There really *is* a difference in the volume on 6 as opposed to being on 7. In fact, although I was already leaning on buying the amp, what pushed it over the edge for me is when I zeroed out the tone controls. Both treble and bass were on zero….and the amp still sounded great. I’ve *never* had that in another amp. It ain’t just a tag line with the Shaw amp–it *is* All About the Tone.

Brandon Autry

Chase Rice Guitarist

Tyler Chiarelli

Florida Georgia Line

Derek Williams

Guitarist for Jake Owens, Anthony Evans, Michael English, Avalon, Melissa Greene, Michael Boggs (FFH), Cadia, Daniel Doss Band.

I’ve had several dozen amps, including several high dollar boutique ones, and got rid of them all to get more Shaw amps. When Kevin says “It’s All About Tone,” he means it! Kevin works closely with you to tailor the amp to suit your personal tone needs. Kevin is a pleasure to deal with and, with amps like this, I plan on dealing with him for a long time. The day after I first fired up my new Shaw amp, Kevin personally called me to make sure that I was pleased. Having done my fair share of amp repairs, I can tell you that the build quality on these amps is second to none. Shaw only uses the finest quality components and most direct point to point circuitry possible. I can find nowhere on the amp where quality was compromised- this amp is a tonal masterpiece. Kevin’s eye for detail and pursuit of perfection is obvious when you open one of these amps up. If I had to take just one amp on tour, it would be my Shaw amp without a doubt. If you’re not very interested in build quality, friendly customer attention, or hot rodding your tone, look elsewhere.


Joey Hyde

“As a working musician, I need an amp that can cover a lot of ground genre wise, and is reliable from gig to gig. Shaw Amps are just that. I can pull just about any tone I need out of my Shaw Amps, and I know from gig to gig and session to session, they are going to pull the same great results every time.”


Brain Wampler

The amp ABSOLUTELY SMOKES through a vox AC30 cabinet with the WGS alnico black and blues (alnico blues clones). It is CRAZY good – like gives me chills good!


Benado Effects

Kim Rummel

Just one month into near-daily use of the Full Tilt 18 causes me to decide it’s one of the finest amps I’ve heard for electric guitar. I’ve been playing for over forty years and have owned examples of most of the well-known amplifiers. They have been used in large and small venues, but in recent years my playing is nearly 100% in the studio. Sound quality, controllable EQ at low volume, and richness of character at recording levels is absolutely necessary for me. Obviously, a signal nearly devoid of circuit hiss is also vital. Your wonderful creation has successfully answered all of these requirements, and more.

When we spoke, I told you that it was my desire to buy my “last amp.” While agreeing that this was a tall order, all of the things you told me to expect seemed to fit into place. Well they have, and the somewhat unexpected bonus of the EF86 channel combined with the contour control and global cut and master volume has become entertaining as well as 100% useful! The variations of low and high-end response, harmonic presence, bite, clarity, and playable tone that is available here is something to behold. Moving the tone and/or cut control by half a number in conjunction with the contour selection just opens up one new voice after another. The 12AX side is straight-ahead, full-bodied, and a simple pleasure: Plug in, put the knobs anywhere and it sounds fantastic.What a pleasure to purchase a world-class, timeless tool from the man who designed and built it in a manner that is all but lost in today’s market – all American from the heart of Tennessee. Perfect!

Micah Huie

Kevin,Got the amp in last night and I really can’t say enough of how thrilled I am with it. First off, when I pulled it out of the box I fell in love with the tolex and cosmetic appeal. Very fine looking cabinet and hardware.
Light weight and compact. It will serve as a perfect portable combo for me. Looks so good I don’t want to take it anywhere to risk scratching it! When I fired it up, I spent the first half hour plugged directly into the amplifier. Back and forth with my strat and tele. I couldn’t believe how responsive the amp was. Between the Tone and Contour, you were right – you can pretty much dial in whatever you want. I LOVE the rhythm crunch I was able to get with the Volume dimed and it cleaned up extremely well with guitar volume knob. The amp still maintains it’s character with the Master running lower at “bedroom level”. After I got a taste of the response of the amp, I plugged my pedal board in. I am using an Analogman Prince of Tone and EP Booster. The amp ate them for lunch and I’m confident that will be the case with most any OD or boost I throw at it. This amp was exactly what I was looking for – it makes me want to save up for a Full Tilt 30 in the future.

I will advertise your products whenever I can. You have a new satisfied customer.

Thanks again Kevin,

Jake McTigue

I too own a small Shaw amp, and have never been more impressed with a piece of equipment in my life. UPS tried to destroy mine, but it took a good dent and and never had an issue so they are road worthy too! SHAW ROCKS!

Robert Edwards

The Fulltilt is very quiet. You have to have it dimed to hear the faintest hiss. I’m very impressed with that. It sure likes single coils, especially my two teles.

I tried it with my 100 watt Jensen Neo cab and it sounded…ok. You did warn me that the amp might not shine with higher wattage cabs. So I brought out my 2 X 12 Celestion Alnico Blues and the Fulltilt sure liked that. My lower wattage cabs all sounded fabulous with the amp but the Alnico Blues are the standout. Really, really nice grind, sparkle, grit, definition. Wonderful overdrive. One of those amps that just seems “alive.”

I didn’t hear the “Bluesbreaker” tone in Channel two. Other people have I guess, but not me. To my ears, such as they are, I do hear a tone a little closer to a vintage Princeton, especially when overdriven. Great tone there however anyone calls it. You mentioned on the phone that Channel Two was kind of a bonus channel. Well, that’s one darn good bonus.
It’s a good looking amp, too. Even my wife commented on how pretty it is.
Yup. I like it. I like it a lot. Very happy with it.

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