Jasmine Sagginario (Radio Disney, Disney’s Next Big Thing), Tyler Dean (Curb Records), clients of Kim Wood Sandusky, Parish County, and previously the LoneStarlets (IMI Records).

As I started looking for a new amp and playing everything I could get my hands on, I discovered that I loved some traits of the Dr. Z and the the Vox the most. I wanted a combination of the two… I feel like that I got that in some ways when I played the Shaw for the first time… except that it was much better. I had to get one.

“For the gigs that I play, I need an amp that is going to be able to bounce between country, pop/rock, and even some jazz/pop stuff. There are few amps that can do what Kevin’s amps do. I now have two of Shaw’s amps in my arsenal, and they are consistently the amps that I find myself going back to–whether on stage or in the studio. These amps always give me the tone that I need… and don’t get me started on durability. I rode one on the side of a trailer from Nashville to Chattanooga once. It never missed a beat.”