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Shaw Audio is a Nashville based audio company that builds the best audio gear trusted by the top professionals and enthusiast in the business. 

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Core Ideas

Hand Built

We build all of our products by hand right here in the USA

True Quality

There is zero shortcuts taken with any of our products. We use hand selected materials and point to point construction methods


We care about our products because we use our products and have a passion for the art of tone.

Audiophile - racer - jack of all trades

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Kevin Shaw
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Shaw Audio

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Ricky Skaggs on “The Voice”

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Interesting picture from Ben Thompson guitarist for Sara Evans. He pulled the chassis out of a Shaw Exit 209-B ...
First pedalboard of 2020 at Shaw Audio. #fullserviceampshop #pedalboard #pedaltrain #shawaudio
Today’s project in the shop. Mid 1960’s Wurlitzer loaded with records that make you think you’re in a roadhouse ...
A fresh Shaw B150 ready for testing and burn in. Something about big bottle glass that just seems right. ...
Kay Vangard combo from around 1969. To my knowledge the first point to point solid state amp I have ...
For some players it’s WGS speakers or nothing. Here we have a brand new 68 Custom Vibrolux modded from ...
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