18 WATT EL84 CLASS A PUSH PULL The Fulltilt 18 has become the most popular amp in the Shaw line due to its touch sensitive, British flavored tone, and boutique quality at an affordable price. This 18 Watt 2 channel head comes with one EF86 channel and one 12AX7 Channel. Controls consist of Volume and Tone for each channel as well as a global Cut and Master Volume. The EF86 channel has a rear panel 6 position tone Contour switch that allows the player to adjust the fatness of the channel independent of the Tone and Cut. 12AX7 channel comes with a boost switch for two choices of gain/fatness. Mercury Magnetics transformers and point to point wiring. 4, 8, 16 ohm speaker output.

Reviewed in Aug. 2010 Vintage Guitar Magazine.



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