Guitarist for Jake Owens, Anthony Evans, Michael English, Avalon, Melissa Greene, Michael Boggs (FFH), Cadia, Daniel Doss Band.

I’ve had several dozen amps, including several high dollar boutique ones, and got rid of them all to get more Shaw amps. When Kevin says “It’s All About Tone,” he means it! Kevin works closely with you to tailor the amp to suit your personal tone needs. Kevin is a pleasure to deal with and, with amps like this, I plan on dealing with him for a long time. The day after I first fired up my new Shaw amp, Kevin personally called me to make sure that I was pleased. Having done my fair share of amp repairs, I can tell you that the build quality on these amps is second to none. Shaw only uses the finest quality components and most direct point to point circuitry possible. I can find nowhere on the amp where quality was compromised- this amp is a tonal masterpiece. Kevin’s eye for detail and pursuit of perfection is obvious when you open one of these amps up. If I had to take just one amp on tour, it would be my Shaw amp without a doubt. If you’re not very interested in build quality, friendly customer attention, or hot rodding your tone, look elsewhere.