You’re a hotshot guitar player, practicing your licks and paying your dues for years. You finally make the decision to leave your small town and chase your dream of being a professional guitar player. The gear is packed and you head down interstate 40. At exit 209, you find yourself on Broadway in Nashville, Tennessee. Almost around the clock, the sounds of some of the finest guitar players in the world can be heard. You quickly realize you need an amp with the tone and reliability to compete in world of professional music. Enter the Shaw Exit 209 series.

The Shaw Exit 209’s bring the classic blackface tones into the 21st century. The Exit 209-A is a 6V6 based amp with around 15 watts of power, spring reverb, and built in tremolo, all firing into a 12 inch WGS G12C/S American voiced speaker. The Exit 209-B is a 45 watt 6L6 based amp featuring Volume, Treble, Middle, Bass, and Master controls. It also comes standard with the WGS G12C/S 12 inch speaker. Unlike most blackface style amps, the Shaw Exit 209’s are built true point to point with no circuit board or turret board of any kind. Just a clean signal path and incredible reliability. Take your pick, your career deserves it. You won’t be disappointed.

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209-A, 209-B