Just one month into near-daily use of the Full Tilt 18 causes me to decide it’s one of the finest amps I’ve heard for electric guitar. I’ve been playing for over forty years and have owned examples of most of the well-known amplifiers. They have been used in large and small venues, but in recent years my playing is nearly 100% in the studio. Sound quality, controllable EQ at low volume, and richness of character at recording levels is absolutely necessary for me. Obviously, a signal nearly devoid of circuit hiss is also vital. Your wonderful creation has successfully answered all of these requirements, and more.

When we spoke, I told you that it was my desire to buy my “last amp.” While agreeing that this was a tall order, all of the things you told me to expect seemed to fit into place. Well they have, and the somewhat unexpected bonus of the EF86 channel combined with the contour control and global cut and master volume has become entertaining as well as 100% useful! The variations of low and high-end response, harmonic presence, bite, clarity, and playable tone that is available here is something to behold. Moving the tone and/or cut control by half a number in conjunction with the contour selection just opens up one new voice after another. The 12AX side is straight-ahead, full-bodied, and a simple pleasure: Plug in, put the knobs anywhere and it sounds fantastic.What a pleasure to purchase a world-class, timeless tool from the man who designed and built it in a manner that is all but lost in today’s market – all American from the heart of Tennessee. Perfect!