After many request from local bass players, the new Shaw B-150 Bass Head is finally available. Our goal was to capture the vintage bass tone of classic all tube bass amps while making an amp that also has a modern punch. This amp fills the gap between classic lower power bass amps with great tone and not enough power, and large heavy touring rigs that are overkill for many of todays smaller music venues. The Shaw B-150 Bass head has an old school preamp using a pair of octal 6SL7 tubes mated with a Baxandall Bass/Treble tone stack. We have added a six position mid switch to the tone stack giving it six different midrange contours depending on the setting of the Bass and Treble controls. Tonal flexibility is achieved without sacrificing tone quality. All of this feeds a power section built with four KT88 power tubes and a custom Mercury Magnetics output transformer that responds all the way down to sub-sonic levels. The results are stunning. Smooth, round notes with light tube compression, and enough power (Now with 150 watts!) to drive a stack of your favorite cabs down to 2 ohms. An optional Jensen transformer balanced  out is available after the output transformer to feed a signal to the PA system or recording console.

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The Shaw Bass Amp

This is an awesome bass amp. For players who are really into tubey goodness, this is the real...