The Fulltilt is very quiet. You have to have it dimed to hear the faintest hiss. I’m very impressed with that. It sure likes single coils, especially my two teles.

I tried it with my 100 watt Jensen Neo cab and it sounded…ok. You did warn me that the amp might not shine with higher wattage cabs. So I brought out my 2 X 12 Celestion Alnico Blues and the Fulltilt sure liked that. My lower wattage cabs all sounded fabulous with the amp but the Alnico Blues are the standout. Really, really nice grind, sparkle, grit, definition. Wonderful overdrive. One of those amps that just seems “alive.”

I didn’t hear the “Bluesbreaker” tone in Channel two. Other people have I guess, but not me. To my ears, such as they are, I do hear a tone a little closer to a vintage Princeton, especially when overdriven. Great tone there however anyone calls it. You mentioned on the phone that Channel Two was kind of a bonus channel. Well, that’s one darn good bonus.
It’s a good looking amp, too. Even my wife commented on how pretty it is.
Yup. I like it. I like it a lot. Very happy with it.