Kevin,Got the amp in last night and I really can’t say enough of how thrilled I am with it. First off, when I pulled it out of the box I fell in love with the tolex and cosmetic appeal. Very fine looking cabinet and hardware.
Light weight and compact. It will serve as a perfect portable combo for me. Looks so good I don’t want to take it anywhere to risk scratching it! When I fired it up, I spent the first half hour plugged directly into the amplifier. Back and forth with my strat and tele. I couldn’t believe how responsive the amp was. Between the Tone and Contour, you were right – you can pretty much dial in whatever you want. I LOVE the rhythm crunch I was able to get with the Volume dimed and it cleaned up extremely well with guitar volume knob. The amp still maintains it’s character with the Master running lower at “bedroom level”. After I got a taste of the response of the amp, I plugged my pedal board in. I am using an Analogman Prince of Tone and EP Booster. The amp ate them for lunch and I’m confident that will be the case with most any OD or boost I throw at it. This amp was exactly what I was looking for – it makes me want to save up for a Full Tilt 30 in the future.

I will advertise your products whenever I can. You have a new satisfied customer.

Thanks again Kevin,