The flagship amp of the Shaw line, the Fulltilt 30 watt. The Fulltilt 30 has the exact same 2 channel preamp as the Fulltilt 18, but is mated to a class A 30 watt power section running a pair of 6CA7′s (EL34′s). Imagine a Fulltilt 18 on Steroids! The EF86 channel has all of the chime and sparkle of its 18 watt little brother, but with fatter bass and more clean headroom before breakup.The EF86 channel has a rear panel 6 position tone Contour switch that allows the player to adjust the fatness of the channel independent of the Tone and Cut. 12AX7 channel comes with a Boost switch for two choices of gain/fatness. Built with beefy, Mercury Magnetics transformers and standard Shaw point to point wiring, this amp gets it done in a big way.

Standard controls are:

EF86: Volume, Tone, 6 position Contour (rear panel), Cut, Master.

12AX7: Volume, Tone, Boost, Cut, Master.



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