The Shaw B700 Hybrid bass amp was developed to give players the ability to have feel of a classic tube head in situation where a larger, heavier head is impractical. We took the basic all tube preamp from our B150 and packaged it with a 700 watt Class D power amp in 9 pound bundle of tonal goodness!

Controls and Features:

Front panel

Passive input – Use with basses that have passive pickups or lower output active

Active input – Use with high output active basses.

Punch and Fat switches – These switches affect the aggressiveness and low end response of each of the two 6SL7 preamp stages. They offer 4 combinations to tailor the amp to fit your bass and playing style.

Bright switch – Adds upper sparkle and clarity to your tone. It is more effective at lower volume settings. Does not affect the Direct Out.

Treble control – Adjusts the high frequency response.

Middle Selector Switch – 4 position switch to set the midrange response of the amp. Very interactive with the Treble and Bass controls.

Bass Control – Adjusts the bass frequency response.

Volume Control – Adjusts the output level of the amp.

Direct Control – Adjusts level of the rear panel XLR balanced direct out. The B700 contains the same transformerless DI as the studio quality Shaw Direct Injection used by many professional musicians.

Gnd Switch – Lifts the ground on pin 1 of the XLR out to prevent ground loops.

Rear panel

Speaker Out – This is a combo 1/4″/ Speakon jack. We recommend using Speakon cables if possible due to the high output of this amp. 350w into 8 ohms, 700w into 4 ohms.

XLR Direct output – Use to feed a preamp level balanced signal to a mixing console. The B700 can be used as a balanced preamp without a speaker load if needed.

IEC power jack/On Off switch – Connect power cable here, 120v only.

Fuse – 1/2 amp fuse for preamp, power module fuse is internal.


If tube replacement is needed, wait 5 minutes with power disconnected before removing cover of amp. Replace with 6SL7 vacuum tube or equivalent.

Amp will go into automatic standby mode after 13 minutes of no signal. It will wake up instantly upon hearing first input signal.

Additional information

Jensen Transformer Add On

No, Yes